The Thing is a 2002 squad based Survival horror, it's also a sequel to the 1982's film by the same name, directed by John Carpenter.


The game begins a short time after the events of the film at Outpost 31, Antarctica. Two teams of U.S. Special Forces have arrived to investigate the U.S. camp and the nearby Norwegian camp.

Captain J.F. Blake is the leader of Bravo Team, who are investigating the U.S. camp, whilst Alpha Team, under the command of Captain Pierce, investigate the Norwegian camp. Whilst investigating Outpost 31, they soon discover the small spacecraft and a tape recorder with a message from R.J. MacReady (the film's protagonist) and blow up the place.

Whilst the rest of his team is airlifted to safety, Blake heads to the Norwegian camp to locate and reinforce the Alpha Team, with whom contact has been lost. He soon learns they have been attacked by creatures, able to mimic the physical appearance and characteristics of any living organism.


The basic gameplay in The Thing is that of a traditional third-person shooter. One of the main features of the gameplay is the inclusion of multiple NPCs who join Blake at various points throughout the game. At any one time, the player can control up to four characters; Blake and three partners. The player can issue basic commands to each of them, such as ordering them to follow him, to remain where they are, etc...

The partners AI is determined primarily by the fear/trust system. The trust system determines whether the NPCs will follow Blake's orders and join him in combat. To do so, the player must ensure that they trust him, and does not suspect him of being a Thing.

Blake can give them weapons and ammo, heal them, put himself at risk to protect them, or use a blood test kit on himself to prove he is not a Thing.

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