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Resident Evil 4, known as Biohazard 4 in Japan, is the sixth main series title in the Resident Evil series. The story of Resident Evil 4 picks up from Resident Evil 2, in which Leon S. Kennedy becomes a government agent and bodyguard for the president's daughter, Ashley Graham. Ashley is kidnapped by an insane group known as Los Illuminados, leading Leon to travel to Spain to rescue her.


Resident Evil 4's development time is infamously long and harrowing. At least four different versions were proposed from 1999-2005, including the "coolness" version which transformed into Devil May Cry; the "fog version" which featured more traditional RE series gameplay as Leon becomes infected with the Progenitor virus; the "hook man version", the most famous version, which featured paranormal elements; and the little known "hallucination version", which was similar to the hook man version. Many elements from the across the different versions did eventually make it into the final game.


The player controls protagonist Leon Scott Kennedy, a government agent. Resident Evil 4 represents a dramatic shift from the typical series gameplay of fixed camera angles and puzzle solving with slow action. Leon has a whole new host of melee and combat options available to him, with the the hugest arsenal of weapons to date. The gameplay focuses on crowd-control and high inputs of damage both received and dealt. Guns featured laser sights for precise targeting. Instead of the classic grid inventory system, players receive an upgradable attache case, with more space to store weapons, ammo, and healing supplies. Key items no longer take up inventory space. Players may also buy weapons and upgrades from the Merchant.


Six years after the events of Resident Evil 2, Leon Kennedy has become an agent for the US Government, assigned to protect the president's daughter, Ashley Graham. When Ashley is kidnapped by Los Illuminados, Leon travels to a rural part of Spain to rescue her. Leon traverses a village, castle, and island as part of his journey. Along the way, he is infected by Las Plagas and slowly starts to experience symptoms throughout the game. He also discovers Ada Wong, who he first met back in Raccoon City, is still alive and working for Albert Wesker. Leon eventually rescues Ashley and escapes the island.


In 2004, Leon was assigned to guard the newly elected President Graham's family. When the President's daughter Ashley was kidnapped, Leon's first mission under the new President was to track her down. Leon learned from Ingrid Hannigan, his only government contact, that the perpetrators were a group called "Los Iluminados". During the course of his mission, Leon is helped by Luis Sera, a man who later revealed he was a researcher who worked for Saddler, but betrayed him. Leon eventually finds Ashley in a Church, and he becomes responsible for her safety, as the two make their way around Los Iluminados-controlled area. Leon is noticeably more humorous and lighter than his appearance in Resident Evil 2, usually making quippy remarks towards the game's antagonists.

  • Ashley Graham (Voiced by Carolyn Lawrence)

In 2004, Ashley was kidnapped by Jack Krauser, a mercenary working for Osmund Saddler of Los Iluminados, while coming back home from her college in Massachusetts. After receiving intelligence about Ashley's whereabouts, the U.S. Government sends agent Leon to investigate the area. Leon discovered Ashley in a church on the outskirts of the village. After escaping Saddler and the villagers, the two found their way into Ramon Salazar's castle, and later, into Saddler's island complex. After Saddler was eliminated, Leon and Ashley made their escape from the collapsing island on a jet ski left by Ada Wong. Ashley, though clearly scared throughout her ordeal, is surprisingly resourceful and helpful, as well as being strongly opinionated.

  • Ada Wong (Voiced by Sally Cahill)

Six years after the Raccoon City Incident,  Ada was recruited by Albert Wesker to "The 3rd Organization", and sent to an undisclosed village in Spain that had been taken over by Osmund Saddler, leader of the "Los Iluminados" religious cult, after he infected the villagers with Plaga. Ada is conflicted over her relationship to Leon and her commitment to the mission.

  • Jack Krauser (Voiced by Jim Ward)

At some point in 2002, Krauser faked his death in an "accident" and sought out Wesker, in order to gain the power he desired so much after the incident in South America; because of Wesker's fixing of his left arm, he was highly loyal to Wesker, and he thought highly of his attempts to use the new Umbrella to bring order to the world, although he distrusted Ada Wong, whom he suspected of treachery toward Wesker. Krauser was sent by Wesker to the Ganados' island to infiltrate the cult group Los Iluminados and steal a dominant strain Plaga. Krauser and Leon used to be close partners.

  • Luis Sera (Voiced by Rino Romano)

Luis was hired as a researcher to experiment with enhancing the creatures and their hosts for the Los Illuminados. When he became disillusioned with Saddler, and the research he was performing for him, Sera decided to betray Saddler and abscond with a Plaga sample for a third party, with Ada Wong. Eventually Saddler caught up with him and ordered his followers to tie him up and put him in a closet to wait for the drug inside his body to wear off before injecting him with another plaga egg. However, Leon S. Kennedy finds Sera in the cabin and frees him. Sera later helps Leon and Ashley Graham fight off a mob of Ganado. Luis is a ladies man and a flirt.

  • Ingrid Hunnigan (Voiced by Salli Saffioti)

Hunnigan was Leon's main government contact for the Los Illuminados Incident. Her signal gets hijacked halfway through the game by Ramon Salazar. Hunnigan is very professional but gets flustered over Leon's flirtations.