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Resident Evil 2 is a 1998 survival horror game. It is one of the acclaimed and influential games in the genre. In 2019, Capcom announced a remake.


On September 29, 1998, after the events of the first Resident Evil, the quiet town of Raccoon City is under crisis, Zombies and monsters are roaming the streets. Leon S. Kennedy, a young police officer, and Claire Redfield, a college student looking for her brother (Chris Redfield from the first game), make their way to the Raccoon Police Department.

They soon discover that most of the police force have been eighter mutated or killed, and that Chris has left town to investigate Umbrella's headquarters in Europe. They split up to look for survivors and find a way out of the city. While searching for an escape route, Claire meets a little girl, Sherry Birkin, who is on the run from her father, a researcher working for Umbrella named Wiliam Birkin who mutated after injecting himself with is owns virus. Meanwhile Leon encounters Ada Wong, a mysterious woman claiming to be looking for her boyfriend, John Clemens, another researcher who worked for Umbrella.


Similar to the first entry in the Resident Evil serie, the game allows to choose between two characters, Leon and Claire, both campaign will intertwine at different spot. Being regarded a classic of the survival-horror genre, Resident Evil 2 puts the players in dire situations, where they have to not only survive the horde of undeads who roams the streets, but also manage the ressources given to them, while exploring their surroundings via the resolutions of puzzles and the search for key items.