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Fort Stewart has a complete "Infection Plan of Action" that has been prepared due to the nature of the material researched at this facility. If any symptoms of the contamination are observed, the MTS Vaccine shall be immediately administered with the use of a"MTS"station.

"Medical Treatment System" (MTS) is an automatic self-treatment system independently developed by the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRID). It uses the powerful MTS Vaccine "cocktail" to treat all types of infectious diseases with great result.
(Note: the MTS Vaccine is currently the most powerful vaccine available. It helps boost the immune system and destroy "infected cells" ) In accordance with Fort Stewart Regulations, Article 3, all research staff must carry at least (1) "MTS Vaccine" at all times.
Fort Stewart Chief of Security
Lt. Col. Gregg Howard, U.S. Army


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