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Fatal Frame, released as Project Zero in Japan, is a survival horror that use a unique combat system to defeats its enemies with the Camera Obscura.


The story, set in 1986, focuses on Miku and Mafuyu Hinasaki, siblings with the ability to see supernatural events. When Mafuyu disappears in the haunted Himuro Mansion searching for his tutor Junsei Takamine and his assistants, Miku goes to Himuro Mansion. As she explores the mansion, Miku discovers signs that Takamine's party were killed by the mansion's ghosts, and finds rope burns appearing on her wrists and ankles. Further exploration through the mansion turns up information on a dark ritual that took place within Himuro Mansion.


Gameplay is set in an abandoned Japanese, divided into four chapters. The player controls Miku Hinasaki for the majority of the game, a young girl susceptible to the paranormal. The game uses real-time backgrounds instead of the typical pre-rendered common in the PS1 era.