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Extermination (エクスターミネーション)is a survival horror video game for PlayStation 2. It came out as a launch title for the console, and used as a showcase for the system before its release. It's the first survival horror released on the PlayStation 2.


Extermination takes place on December 24, 2005, at a top secret American research facility in Antarctica. The game focuses on Sergeant Dennis Riley. As his squad receives a distress call from the aforementioned base named Fort Stewart, requesting an immediate air strike on the base. Instead, the plane malfunctions, scattering the team and crashing into the tundra. Their new objective is to regroup at Ground Facility Building B.

Dennis, along with teammate Roger Grigman, arrive outside the fort. The two enter the fort through the ventilation shaft. But then Roger comes under attack by Hydras. He becomes infected and rapidly mutates in front of Dennis. A mysterious woman in a contamination suit enters and fires at him. She then throws Dennis an extra magazine for his rifle, and an MTS vaccine, shouting: "Use it if you don't want to end up like your friend!" Thereafter, she orders him to tell his team to escape the fort. Dennis crosses the drawbridge and decide to pursues the mysterious woman.