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Deep Fear (ディープフィアー) is a 1998 Survival-Horror video game developed for the Sega Saturn.


The game takes place 300 meters below the surface of the Pacific Ocean in a naval fueling and research facility, the SSB-01.

The Sea Fox, a small but fast nuclear submarine, has been dispatched to refuel at The SSB-01 station and to investigate a capsule that was launched into space forty years ago, and has recently landed near the station.

But the submarine crashes into the facility. All occupants are ordered to board the submarine and find out what went wrong, the base commander calls in a SEAL team as a primary rescue force, along with the E.R.S. (Emergency Rescue Services). Players assume the role of John Mayor, an ex-Navy SEAL who has joined forces the E.R.S..


The game is played via a third person view. The game is based underwater in a submarine so the overuse of firearms depletes the oxygen. It can be replenished by finding yellow oxygen boxes known as Air Systems.