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Curse: The Eye of Isis is a 2003 Survival-Horror game for Windows, Playstation 2 and Xbox.


Set in 1890, you play as Darien Dane and his friend Victoria Sutton, an archeologist.

The night before an important exposition, strange things are happening at the Great Britain’s Museum of Natural History when a gang of ruthless thugs break into the establishment.

"The Eye of Isis", an Egyptian statue has been stolen, and a mysterious fog has overtaken a number of areas of the museum, killing and transforming all it comes into contact with. Darien Dane, Victoria Sutton and Abdul Waheedand, a friend of Darien' father, are all stuck in the museum, surrounded by undead beings.


Each character has different scenarios to complete to reach the same objectives, battling undead monsters (zombies, mummies, etc. and their bosses) with a variety of weapons (shotguns, rifles, pistols, truncheons, crossbows, flame-throwers and mortar guns), and solving puzzles/collecting items.

Throughout the story, players will travel to various locations: the museum, a huge cargo ship and finally a pyramid tomb where they must find and destroy the source of the ancient evil.