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Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn, also known as Chase the Express (チェイス・ザ・エクスプレス, Cheisu Za Ekusupuresu) is a 2000 action adventure game with survival horror aspects. It was made by Sugar&Rockets exclusively for the Sony Playstation.

The main threat are terrorists, the game mostly uses tropes found in Action films of the era as well as Spy Fiction and Science Fiction.


The story revolves around Jack Morton who's the sole survivor of a terrorist attack that was led by ex-KGB agent, Boris Zugoski on the Blue Harvest, a NATO armored train. Among those on board are the French ambassador, Pierre Simon, his wife Catherine, his daughter and his secretary, Philip Mason.

As Jack is surrounded by heavily armed men, and his only contact with the outside world is a radio. He must not only rescue the ambassador and his family, but also access and secure of a nuclear warhead aboard the train before Zugoski’s men.


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Although the main plotline doesn't contain any supernatural elements, the game lean towards survival-horror both in gameplay and atmosphere.

Not only the corridors of the Blue Harvest are blood stained, and littered with dead bodies. But players will often find themselves out of ammo and outnumbered. Like any classic survival horror games of the era, exploration require puzzle solving and item collecting as well as a bit of backtracking, requiering players to learn the train's layout.

The game also utilize cinematic pre-rendered backgrounds akin to games like Resident Evil and Parasite Eve; Finally, the game even give the option to "combine", "examine" and "interact" in it's main inventory menu, a tradition among games of the genre.


- The game is sometimes compared to In Cold Blood, a 2001 action stealth game by Revolution Software, mostly because of the similar visual presentation and the Cold war and Spy thriller inspired atmosphere.