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Cold Fear is a 2005 survival-horror video game developed by Darkworks and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, Xbox and PlayStation 2.


The game begins with a SEAL team deploying on a Russian whaler, the Eastern Spirit, in the Bering Strait. As the team explore the deck, they are attacked and killed by something that literally rips them apart.

Seeing his team is gone, CIA Special Agent Jason Bennett, who is supervising the operation, orders any other government vessel in the vicinity to investigate. His call is picked up by the US Coast Guard ship, the USS Ravenswood, which heads to the Eastern Spirit. The crew split into teams, but within moments of boarding, all but Tom Hansen, the main protagonist, are killed.

Hansen sets out to explore the ship and determine what is happening.


The gameplay involves exploring the ship and other environments later on. Players can go through them with a third-person style control which switches between a cinematic Third Person View for a fast movement or to avoid hazards during exploration and an Over-The-Shoulder Third Person View at shooting and fighting sequences. (though there is another option which allows a 3D Aiming Mode while maintaining the regular view instead of the over-the-shoulder one)

Tom Hansen is also able to walk while aiming as well as perform melee moves with the back of his guns. Granting the player more maneuverability during combat. Sometimes, when struggling with an enemy, players are put in a limited QTE situation, during which they must press the correct buttons in order to deal a critical hit to any close by foes.