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Clock Tower 3 is a 2002 survival horror game, published by Capcom. It's unrelated to the other games in the series, You play as Alyssa Hamilton, a young girl who has special powers, but is still vulnerable against her bigger, stonger enemies.


The story is set in London in 2003. Alyssa Hamilton is a 14-year-old girl who has been living at a boarding school for three years. Her mother, Nancy, sent her there after her grandfather, disappeared.

After Alyssa received a letter from her mother telling her to go into hiding until after her fifteenth birthday, she decides, alarmed, to go against her mother's wishes and return home. But when she arrives, her mother is absent, and the only person there is a man called the Dark Gentleman.

Determined to find her mother, Alyssa explores her mother's room. When suddenly, she end up transported back in time to the streets of London during World War II. From there on out Alyssa will be transported to different time periods and locations in which she will have to escape specifics enemies.


The game played from a fixed third-person camera perspective, to progress through the game, the player must find items to unlock new areas, solve puzzles, and flee and hide from enemies, known as the Subordinates. They can be stunned with holy water and eventually, defeated in battle.


- One of the piano music is taken from Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within.