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Carrier (キャリアー) is a Survival-Horror video game form Jaleco, notable in part for being fully 3D at a time when survival-horror games, mostly, displayed 3D characters over pre-rendered backgrounds.


In 2008, the world faced an economical and natural decline. As the leaders of advanced nations decided to restrict the transportation of aid to their respective countries, a massive political divide ensued: those on the Northern Hemisphere and those on the Southern Hemisphere, who formed the G77.

As conditions worsened, terrorist activity arose from the south, a large group known as the Southern Cross. Despite the G77 claiming to have been uninvolved in the Southern Cross activities, the leaders of the northern countries organized an international enforcement known as the NTA (Northern Treaty Alliance).

It's at this point that an NTA investigation team known as S.P.A.R.C. is sent to enter the Heimdal (an enormous and technologically advanced aircraft carrier) to discover what caused the radio silence. The first team that was originally sent in landed and entered the ship were quickly silenced; a second team was sent in afterwards, hopefully to assist the previous team. But when the their helicopter starts to land on the ship, the Heimdal's guns automatically lock-on to the chopper and shoot it down, separating the team aboard the Heimdal. It's from here that very odd and dangerous mutants attack the main characters. The players assume the separate roles of the team, as it was split up.