Blue Stinger (ブルー スティンガー) is a Survival-Horror game released in 1999 for the Dreamcast game console developed by Climax Graphics.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Sixty-five million years ago, a meteorite crashes into the Yucatán Peninsula, subsequently wiping out the dinosaurs and paving the way for humanity. Now, in 2018 an island have emerged where the meteorite have landed, and is granted the name "Dinosaur Island". Eliot Ballade, an elite member of the E.S.E.R. (Emergency Sea Evacuation and Rescue) forces, is vacationing near Dinosaur Island with his friend Billy fishing on a boat.

Then, something falls from the sky and leaves the island sealed under a mysterious dome of energy and separate them both. Just then a mysterious light approaches and takes the form of Billy's good luck charm, Nephilim.

Eliot and Nephilim swims to the shore. Here, they meets Dogs Bower (a local sea captain and original discoverer of the island back in 2000). The two team up as they explore the island and confront the monsters and mutations that have taken it over.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The environments in Blue Stinger are entirely 3D. Players heal themselves in real-time using food and drinks bought from vending machines, forcing players to heal only when it was safe.

The combat consists of purchasing weapons and ammunition in the same manner. Eliot starts out with a pistol while Dogs starts with a crossbow.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

- In the US version, the camera are placed behind the player. In the original Japanese releases, the cameras used a cinematic style.

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