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3D Monster Maze is 1982 maze game, by Malcolm Evans. It's regarded as one of the pioneers of the survival-horror genre.


The story is just a pretext for the gameplay. The protagonist is at a carnival. There, a circus clown welcomes him to a new and mysterious attraction, the "mists of time" pass over the protagonist, who then, wakes up in a maze.


The game is in first-person, players must find the exit of the maze they're in and avoid the Tyrannosaurus rex lurking around the corners. The text placed at the bottom of the screen indicate the position and level a awareness of the Dinosaur.

If the player is eaten by him, he is offered the chance to play again or quit.


- The bottom text warnings were originally made with the intention of preventing peoples with nervous disposition from sudden shock : "I didn't realise how realistic it was going to be. (...) I was testing the game before adding text when suddently I jumped out of my skin, and I thought if someone had a heart attack would I be responsible for it ?" - Malcolm Evans - "Electronic Dreams: How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer"

- Malcolm Evans also made a "remake", called Escape. This version is in a top-down perspective. There's more monsters, as well as objects to find in order to finish the levels.

- Closer to the original game, Corridors of Genon, which was also made by Malcolm Evans in 1983. Is set in a cylindrical maze where aliens are lurking around.

- There is a game, simply called Monster Maze, which was released around 1980 for the Commodore VIC-20 (often sold in bundle with another game, Math Hurdler). Beside the name and a similar goal (escaping a maze, with a monster in it) there seems to be no real connections with 3D Monster Maze.